In addition to one-on-one fireside chats with some of the most leading-edge CISOs out there, we will host three panels diving into different facets of cloud-native security.

Securing Linux Infrastructure at Scale.

Securing the production environment has long been one of the greatest challenges facing cybersecurity teams. As companies evolve and modernize their infrastructure with technologies like cloud, microservices, and containers, often within a mix of both cloud and on-premise infrastructure, the challenge becomes even more daunting. This changing attack surface simply cannot be protected with conventional security solutions such as IDS, IPS and EDR. This new reality is forcing cybersecurity teams to reevaluate the strategies and capabilities they deploy to secure the assets stored in production and find a better way. In this session we will talk with cybersecurity leaders at some of the most innovative enterprises about how they are overcoming the obstacles associated with securing modern production environments and how they are using people, processes and technologies in new ways to protect their most valuable assets.
PANELISTS: Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, Vice President of Security Engineering Mastercard; Richard Reinders, Manager of Security Operations, Looker; Derek Chamorro, Security Architect, Cloudflare; Srinath Kuruvadi, Head of Cloud Infrastructure Security, Netflix

Securing Cloud-Native Web Applications at the Speed of Innovation.

As more organizations build cloud-native applications to drive their digital transformation strategies and fuel growth, web applications remain the top attack vector attackers utilize to breach organizations. To ensure a quality customer experience while securing their web application layer assets, organizations must meet the security demands of the cloud where they operate business-critical apps, APIs and microservices. This panel will cover methodologies to gain the visibility necessary to secure web layer assets at scale, while empowering DevOps teams to deploy at the rapid pace required to gain and hold a competitive advantage.  It will also cover how organizations can shift left yet embed the SDLC with secure DevOps practices, including feedback loops and automated security tooling.
PANELISTS: Ryan N. White, Team Leader, Platform Cyber Security Team, Intuit; Max Burkhardt, Security Engineer, Airbnb; Andrew Becherer, Chief Security Officer, Datadog

The Evolving Threat Landscape on the Road to Cloud Transformation.

In the world of SaaS, the public cloud and a growing mobile workforce, the network has become just one perimeter of many that an organization needs to secure. Cloud services are pushing the technology boundary, while contractors, business partners and temporary employees are redefining what it means to be a trusted user of IT services. As attackers are increasingly targeting users and credentials to gain access to critical resources, security teams need to rethink their security paradigm. What new threats face organizations on their road to cloud transformation, and how can they effectively tackle these threats without losing momentum?
PANELISTS: Seth Wilson, Manager, Incident Response Team, Twitter; Brian Johnson, CISO of Upwork; Sean Catlett, CISO, Reddit

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